Inspection Services

District Home Pro offers unbiased and non-invasive home inspection services to individuals, families and investors in the greater DC metro area. Our mission is to help you safely and securely accomplish your home-buying dreams, whether this is an all-new experience, or you’ve completed real estate transactions in the past. We follow ASHI’s rigorous Standard of Practice, conducting every home inspection with integrity and respect for both the home and client. When needed, we’ll utilize technology such as a moisture meter or gas leak detector during the inspection for no additional charge. One of our most popular inspections is a tailored inspection.

Full Inspections

Condo Inspection

Condominium Inspections:

This investigative evaluation of a condo will reveal the condition of all visible and readily accessible areas the buyer will eventually own, as well as several of the elements which are commonly owned by the condo community. A full inspection report will be provided before we exit the property, and will report on the following:

  • Interior Surfaces and Finishes
  • Visible Insulation, & Ventilation
  • Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC Systems
  • Built-in Appliances
  • Limited Common Condo Elements
  • Community Structural and Roofing Systems
  • Building Exterior, Grading & Drainage
Condo Inspection

Single Family Home Inspections

This investigative evaluation of a home will reveal the condition of most visible and readily accessible areas. The full inspection report that will be delivered before we leave will thoroughly describe the following aspects of the home:

  • Foundation & Crawl Space
  • Structural Components
  • Roofing System
  • Grading & Drainage
  • Exterior (doors, windows, soffits, fascias, siding)
  • Grounds/Vegetation
  • Interior (doors, windows, floors, walls, ceilings, stairs)
  • Attic, Insulation, & Ventilation
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • HVAC System
  • Built-in Appliances
Pre Listing Inspection

Pre-Listing Inspections for Future Sellers

We perform this inspection service to assist individuals and families who are selling a home. The inspection is similar to a typical Single Family Home Inspection, but needs to be scheduled before the listing is made. Pro-active improvements made before listing the property can prevent negotiations with prospective buyers from taking an unexpected and undesirable turn. We provide a full and accurate report of the property’s condition that you can use as a guide for making repairs or improvements. 

Multi Unit Inspection

Multi-Unit Building Inspections

This inspection is designed to assist investors who plan on purchasing a multi-unit building for rental or for renovation and resale. We inspect each unit separately, similarly to typical Condo Inspections, but also survey the elements which are commonly used by the building community. After an investigative evaluation of all visible and readily accessible areas through-out the property, we produce an extensive report that can be used as a guide for making repairs or improvements to the building or as an accounting of the salvageable aspects of the property in its current condition. We inspect the following unit components:

  • Interior Surfaces and Finishes
  • Visible Insulation, & Ventilation
  • In-Unit Systems and Appliances
  • Limited Common Elements
  • Execution of Previous Repairs

And the following building components are reported on:

  • Foundation, Crawl Space, Structural Components
  • Roofing System, Grading & Drainage
  • Exterior, Grounds and Vegetation
  • Common Interiors, Attic, Insulation, & Ventilation
  • Common Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC Systems

Tailored Inspections

Walk and Talk Inspection

Walk and Talks:

Our MOST POPULAR inspections during a SELLER’s MARKET!! This 1-hour inspection is perfect for buyers who want a preview of the condition of a home prior to making an offer, or careful buyers who want to avoid the inclusion of a home inspection contingency in their offer. NO REPORT IS PRODUCED, but note taking is encouraged! During a Walk and Talk, we will discuss the

  • Remaining Life of All Equipment and Appliance 
  • Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC System Upgrades 
  • Interior Surfaces and Finishes
  • Accessible Structural Components
  • Exterior, Grading and Vegetation
  • Roofing and Drainage 
RE Inspection


If you’re nearing the end of the home-buying process and have negotiated the repair of existing defects noted on a previous inspection, you can have me return to perform a follow-up inspection that will assess and verify the completion of the requested work. We’ll carefully compare the state of the repair work against the defects-as-noted in a previously produced report, making sure that the repairs were performed correctly and that nothing was damaged in the process.

Developers Inspection

Developer’s Warranty Inspections

This one hour inspection is appropriate for a homeowner who is nearing the end of a warranty period provided by the development company that built the new, or newly renovated, home. We create a punch-list for repairs the developer should address in order to honor their warranty in good-faith. Owner/occupant complaints, finishing blemishes (like cracks and loose fittings) and the performance of the structure and installed equipment are all evaluated for faults which may be guaranteed against by the developer.

Report Reviews

Report Reviews

Should you or an interested party be unable to attend the completion of an inspections, due to health, safety or scheduling concerns, we can arrange a complimentary 45-minute call to fully review and discuss the findings of any report. This is the perfect option for individuals or families for whom the only responsible health decision currently available for their family will restrict their attendance!

District Home Pro

At District Home Pro, we offer friendly and attentive home inspection services that will ease the uncertainty you may have regarding a prospective home purchase, enhancing your knowledge so that you’re able to make an informed buying decision. Contact us today to request an inspection.  

We have discounts available for returning customers, public servants, active military and veterans. Contact us for more information.

Weekend appointments can be scheduled by request. Online payments are accepted. We accept cash, check, and Venmo. Paypal and credit cards are accepted with a fee.